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Chip and Eddie are the "weird kids", however, it's entirely possible that they're perfectly normal and it's the rest of the world that's 'weird'.
Last update: 14th Mar 2021, 10:47 PM
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Eddie and Chip are two young men- best friends, starting a relationship together. They just have to get through high school, weird siblings, wacky subcultures, friends, enemies, frenemies and secret societies first. Y'know, normal 'growing up' stuff.


Octopus Ink
Octopus Ink
The Wreck in Resurrection.

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You got that right! 2021 is still awful too.

Incidentally, Big Role Model Of Misanthropy sounds like an album title.

I've lost several people I've admired bigly that last couple of years... fortunately they we mostly all up in years where they'd liven a good and productive life and went peacefully, but it was hard missing someone I'd grown up with...
Octopus Ink
2020 was chock full of celebrity death.
Chances are that someone you may have admired succumbed to The Plague.
You know the feeling.
Author Note
Hey, there's that witch again ^_^

I knew a pair of girls in high school that had similar tastes in girls that I did. Made things awkward sometimes, as neither of these two young ladies were very discreet...
It's good to have hobbies you can share. ;-)