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Webcomic profile: Record Wisdom Bonus Yield
Record Wisdom Bonus Yield
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Language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: Yesterday, 8:00 AM
Number of comics: 26
Number of subscribers: 10
Visitors: 2249 visitors (6494 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (3 votes)

Webcomic description

University life can be boring, especially for a scholarship student who isn't allowed in the machine shop yet. But when a chance to indulge in an old hobby comes up, she jumps at the chance and drags her dormmates along with her! Now, team RWBY is going to adventure across the world of Remnant...

...well, if they can get their D20s to cooperate.


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FanOfMostEverything (Guest)
And, as the Jaegermonsters taught us, any plan where you lose your hat is a bad plan.
Left on Riding in on Reason
...I like Nora’s version better. Everyone should sign up for her Chess Theory class and learn how to play this version instead of the stuffy old version! My pawn just assassinated your queen and is dressed up as her now and making a move on your bishop!

And hats are dependent on the person wearing them. A nice looking hat is a nice looking hat, but to truly be appropriate headgear requires the right attitude and angle. Like Nora’s bright sunny excitable disposition and the jaunty angle at which she wears it!
Left on Riding in on Reason
In-character logic is the best logic.

Ah, chess. A game so baked into the culture that it is steeped in metaphor after metaphor. It could be said that the pieces selected foreshadowed the roles of those who selected them. Or it could be just one big coincidence. One thing is for certain, chess pieces do not usually make such excellent headwear.
Left on Riding in on Reason
2 days ago
Alright, that's pretty impressive 'translation' of Weiss' attitude.
Left on Stacking the Deck
Roller "Expert" (Guest)
3 days ago
Roller boots are a special kind of boots designed to lock into the roller skate chassis. They have latches to keep your foot from slipping out when skating. I guess these roller boots are just the boots without wheels -- and modified to not come off unless certain conditions are met
Left on Stacking the Deck