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Graphic Violence / Gore
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RPG World: Fan Revival is the fan continuation of the long-abandoned RPG World by Ian Jones-Quartey! You can find links to the full original comic, plus all the new stuff, with writing by DoomDragon6 and artwork by AtariBetch.

RPG World takes place inside a Playstation Japanese RPG and pokes fun at all the tropes of RPG gaming while maintaining compelling story and characters!


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Argh the ice cream machine is broken all the time at my McDonalds...!
Hope Atari can't read that you called him a comic machine. :P
As with the others... yeah, glad Atari's kid is okay. Thanks for letting us know what's happening. :)
Please pass along our best wishes to Atari and his family. Hope everything's alright, and let him know you guys do such amazing work that we're always happy to hear you guys taking the breaks you need :)
Just glad to hear the kid's OK!