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RPG World: Fan Revival is the fan continuation of the long-abandoned RPG World by Ian Jones-Quartey! You can find links to the full original comic, plus all the new stuff, with writing by DoomDragon6 and artwork by AtariBetch.

RPG World takes place inside a Playstation Japanese RPG and pokes fun at all the tropes of RPG gaming while maintaining compelling story and characters!


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Yeah my policy is dump rules as often as possible to keep things fun and flowing
Ian the Great
I've got a GM who just says turns are as long as they need to be. Versimilitude gets in the way more often than it makes games more fun, so if a round needs to be 2 seconds or 20, that's what it is.
Ah yes... a "fun" topic for RPGs, be they TTRPG, JRPG, etc.:

How long is a turn?

Pokémon turns seem like they're not too long, until you get a move like Dig. Even with superpower based digging, fully submerging underground in just a few seconds is crazy fast!

Even more so in TTRPGs like GURPS, where combat turns are only one second long...
I sell puns and pun accessories
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