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A dystopian webmanga.
Last update: 19th Jul 2014, 3:04 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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Balanois was once the pride of the continent of Greradia. Now, it is a mere existence. Nevertheless, the people of Balanois lead peaceful lives. However, all that might just change when the talcaos wage war on the Balanoisians.

The Dynameis, the Balanoisian army is the only hope for Balanois. Charged with a bunch of new recruits, can they defeat the talcaos and prevent the annihilation of Balanois?


Hi! I am Kaushani, a 17 year old student from India. I love making art and procrastinating. I am one half of the comic duo Quirks of the First Order, and I am currently working on Alliance.


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I love your art.
If you're still looking for a writer, you should contact me. My mail is
the crafter goddess mia at yahoo.
Obviously no spaces. Hope to hear from you.
Thank you so much ^_^
Lol, I was also quite jinxed while I was doing my website. Took me a lot of experimentations and forum posting to come to this :)

Well, I am using the Schrödinger's Layout. So, first I need to go to the Webcomic Site/Layout section in my webcomic management, and then "Edit Layout HTML"

Go down to the CSS box. Under the attribute body, add this line of text (after the line "padding.."):

background: #FAFAFA url("image-link") top left;
background-repeat: none;

The dimensions that I used are 1600*1200.

Hope that helps! :)
Thanks so much!! :D
May I know how you changed your background?
And what are the dimensions of your background?