Rumors and Conspiracies
Do you believe in what they say, or the whispers of others?
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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"Do you believe in what they say, or the whispers of others?"

Billy Jamison comes home from school one day when suddenly, his mum asks him to do the groceries. But little did Billy know that one trip to the supermarket would turn his whole world upside down. He meets a hooded figure in one of the aisles named Oculus. All they tell Billy is that he has been chosen to partake in a experiment that will show him the truth about this reality.

He wakes up in a lab only to find out that the world he lived in was nothing but a lie. This experiment hides a dark secret. Everything is not what it seems. Will Billy, Mike and Tom escape? And if so, what will it cost? Will they ever know who (or what) this mysterious Oculus is? Find this out and more in this comedic action packed sci-fi adventure!

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I draw stuff! This is the first time I’ve ever done anything webcomic related so yeah. I’m Pinkie and it’s nice to meet you all! Also it's been scientifically proven that I’m living cringe, so expect some pretty dumb jokes!

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I wanna break my screen to get those bullies!!
NEVER!!! Lol! (But don’t worry! He gets patched up later!)
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