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Last update: 6th Jun 2022, 7:23 AM
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Do you like Rumors and Conspiracies? Do you like stupid stuff? Then this is for you!

If you want a break from the plot, then you have come to the right place! Welcome to the fun side! We don’t take anything seriously here. Trust me! We are super chill.

There's no set update schedule so things here will get released at random.

What to expect:

*Free wallpapers!
(This will mostly be desktop/pc wallpapers and iphone wallpapers. I might do android wallpapers in the future!)

*Fun mini comics that get released at the end of each episode!
(None of these comics will be cannon. It’s all just for fun!)

*Q&As with all your favourite characters! Ask your favourite characters anything in question of the day!
(A random day will be picked for question of the day. Both instagram and comicfury can partake!)

For the main story, you can check out Rumors and Conspiracies in the link here!



I draw stuff! This is the first time I’ve ever done anything webcomic related so yeah. I’m Pinkie and it’s nice to meet you all! Also it's been scientifically proven that I’m living cringe, so expect some pretty dumb jokes!

Check out my stuff here!

Click me! :D

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He says you’re welcome! He’s still in his edgy oc phase! Lol
Awww, thanks for answering, Billy! A really good and simple answer. I feel the same about my shirts as wel. They’re either cool or neat in some way. Also, Gamma is super rad!
Here is our first and only question of the day! Hope you guys like it!

Edit: Oh look! Another one has been added! 👀
Author Note
Thank you for asking! I will let him know right away! ^^
Hey Billy! I’ve noticed you wear that shirt a lot. Why do you like that shirt so much?