Runaway Drakaina

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Eleanor was a normal girl in a lake-side village, until the day she grew a dragon tail. Since then, her parents have locked her away in a cabin deep in the woods. Luckily, her best friend Jane refuses to leave her side. In fact, the two of them have decided it would be much better to runaway together. They're certain that they can handle this!


Sara, aka Cosmignon, is a character designer, illustrator, and comic artist! She loves drawing fantasy and sci-fi with elements of sapphic love!
You can find her most recent work at twitter @cosmignon or instagram @cosmignon_sd!

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A classic rookie mistake. Deploy wings first, then jump. Not jump, then deploy wings.
in inherently nb kid desire to just run as far as you can because you'll end up somewhere eventually
"why do wolves need so much light?" sdfhgfdfhgfghgfh
No new page this week since I didn't want to let my queue move forward during Christmas! Updates will resume as usual next week, I hope you all have safe holidays and a happy new year!
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thank you! I spent a lot of time on those fruits