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Who knew the new girl would be a cosmic horror?
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All Adam has ever dreamed of is having a friend. Unfortunately, being a sacrelim, a being born from an angel and a demon, limits your options quite a bit. On top of that, Adam's very existence makes her a target to many unsavory beings who may be lurking closer than she realizes...


I am currently a veterinary student, though I enjoy making comics in what free time I have. I really love the occult and studying religion and mythology. (Hence why half of the stories and characters I have deal with something about demons or angels or the like)

My pronouns are she/her, and you can call me Ginga or Lyds for short.

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What?? Two comic pages a week?

I decided that since I have a steady schedule with making/editing pages as well as keeping up with college work, I can post more frequently! (also expect the art quality to improve drastically lol I finally am getting more confident with my lines)
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I've got a surprise planned this week regarding updates! ;) Here's hoping all goes accordingly.
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I love him 🥺
and so it begins
Author Note
I love this style! It has a very cool new-retro vibe that reminds me of Andy Warhol’ s early shoe illustrations.