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A tale of love, life and death - in no particular order.
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Khajad is dead. But now she's alive again.

So what's the catch?

She has no memory of her past, no explanation as to why she has magical powers or why she must hide her peculiar newfound white demon wings from society. Her mother, Yunika, thinks it's best to avoid answering any of Khajad's questions. For now, they must figure out how to survive the big city and find a means of living a normal life.

But can their lives ever really be "normal?"


M Sorcier
M Sorcier
Self taught artist and writer. Creator of Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death - In No Particular Order

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M Sorcier
Thank you T___T
Your work is stuning <3
I love it too! Nothing better than a kitty cat
M Sorcier
Aww thanks! :D

Also omg I love your avatar!!!!
They are both so pretty and I love the lighting on this page