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The emissary of the wind and waves, guardian of sky and sea, Saffron Wave!
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Set 3000 years ago on ancient Crete, history and mythology combine in this tale of the world's first magical girl.

Nephele lives a life of uneventful solitude until her world is completely upended by strange monsters from the sea and an even stranger woman giving her magic powers. Nephele takes to the task with her new companions, unaware that she's being caught up in a personal conflict between the gods that's been dragging on for millennia.

Join us as we play in the gap between fact and fantasy!


I’m 900 year old grandma that likes history and anime. I can usually be found procrastinating or dissociating. Saffron Wave is my baby ♡

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Exactly! Can't go swimming without dipping your toes in the water (or something like that lmao)
Ahhh thanks so much! It really was a nightmare to work with (but now I have a better understanding of how to handle something like this in the future)
Yeah you shouldn't really put all your eggs in the town gossip basket lmao originally I was going to make Nelly a complete loner but I'm glad I decided to change that because it'll set up some character growth/interactions for Melitta that I'm excited to get to one day
Hey! How better to train than first hand experience ;) Gotta take the training wheels off at some point :P

(says the woman who kept having her dad take them off, then put them back on, untill he finally said "nah, they're staying off XD XD )
I can only imagine how hard that mirror was ToT Still, the pay off's good! This is a solid page :3