Sampop & Gavsby in "Super Dragon Battle War Fighters 3000"
Sampop & Gavsby: Volume 001 - Episode 004
Last update: 26th Oct 2018, 12:01 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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When Roy creates a virtual reality role-playing game for the gang to test, Sampop and Gavsby get warped into a fantasy land where the only escape is to stem the evil tide.


Sampop & Gavsby is a Grand Rapids action-adventure comedy following the exploits of fortune-seeking adventurer Sampop Hooks and his toon-like sidekick Gavsby Brown as they delve deeper into the secrets of their unusual--and at times, surrealistic--world and beyond. Based off its predecessor, a graphic novel called Sampop Hooks, Sampop & Gavsby is filled with various nods to pop culture and art styles that pull inspiration from multiple mediums and genres. Each tale of their exploits are delicately dipped in a well-balanced mix of light-hearted humor and mature adult themes, all of which are drenched in campy action movie nostalgia. Sampop & Gavsby is a good read for those pining for a little wit with their butt-kicking.