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Sara & Kleeyo
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Last update: 8th Mar 2018, 12:59 AM
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A World of Warcraft themed web comic starring the Argent Crusade's unusual misfits. The crusade allowed heroes of the Alliance and Horde to become partners. Sara & Kleeyo set the example...provided they can survive their friendship. Updated Mondays.


Wannabe comic artist. Author of the "Sara & Kleeyo" World of Warcraft web comic.

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Holy crap, I'd assumed the worst at this point after no one had any luck contacting him.

Shame to hear what happened to his hard drive. I'd love to see this comic arc get closure (especially since it was supposed to be the last one anyway) but even if it doesn't, I'm glad to find out he's okay.
It's good to know Clef is alright, thanks.
Typo in the last frame. It's spelt "Something." Not "Soemthing"
"I you need to get that dragon" ? I think you meant "I need you to get that dragon."
I'm very happy to hear that Clef is alright. Been worried about him all this time.