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Last update: 8th Mar 2018, 12:59 AM
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A World of Warcraft themed web comic starring the Argent Crusade's unusual misfits. The crusade allowed heroes of the Alliance and Horde to become partners. Sara & Kleeyo set the example...provided they can survive their friendship. Updated Mondays.


Wannabe comic artist. Author of the "Sara & Kleeyo" World of Warcraft web comic.

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It's been four years to the day since this page was posted, and we've still not heard anything from Clef. I think the previous person who claimed they talked to him was BS'ing us. Unless Clef's the most inconsiderate person in the world, had some kind of mental breakdown, or is dead I see no reason for him to leave his comic (and his readers) hanging for FOUR. YEARS. without any official word from somewhere.

It's not even the comic sitting on a cliffhanger for that time that bothers me the most, but the idea that we've no idea what's happened to him. And if he's alright and perfectly capable of updating us but just chose not to, that's a hell of a dick move.
Kangaar Foxfire
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Thank you for that update Coyote! That is such a relief that Clef is alright.
Thanks for the awesome comic all these years Clef!