A New Realm of Scrutiny (NRoS)
‘Room of Scrutiny 2’ aka A New Realm of Scrutiny
Last update: Today, 3:25 AM
Occasional Strong Language
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With a new hosts comes more chaos and new rules.
This is no longer the Room of Scrutiny, it’s a whole New Realm of Scrutiny.
Updates every Wednesday, my dudes.
Anyone can pop in and out at any time.


Lord Myk
Lord Myk
Lord Mýk has been does narrative stuff. He is, theoretically, good at it.
Tom Street
Tom Street
about me ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm i ummmmmmmm i like to make my comic

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That was here. (NSFW)
Zero Hour
Hehe the sparkling poising in the background XD
Tom Street
Lord Myk
It's a theft
Tom Street
i dont know why but the background looks familiar