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Comic profile: second-puberty
A webcomic
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Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 13 days ago
Number of comics: 577
Number of subscribers: 12
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Rating: 5 (17 votes)

Comic description

These comics are a personal yet a humoristic point of view about being transgender, a satirical blend of comics of all colors.
They started in 2001 As Trans E Generation when i was first discovering what this was, and already socially transitioned. It was very hard to not know about myself because trans men are invisible. I wanted to show a voice to those who are invisible and that is what this is about along with just expressing myself on my opinions and have some fun.I want to share with others the positivity of all the situations.
Inter-sex and genderqueer stories, all stories are welcomed.
In contributing, you are helping everyone accept themselves and others to accept them.
Also Please donate on the bottom of the page. All of this effort is from the goodness of my heart.


Most recent comments left on second-puberty

9th Jul 2017
some friends i know
Left on gay excuse
8th Jun 2017
yes this did happen being unrecognizable and knowing what this was made a big difference in my life in bringing security. but hearing a dead name can be uncomfortable. there are times when i dont want to be out. plus i was also thinking about my parents, they were concerned for my safety.
Left on Behind the scenes
5th May 2017
so many choices of clothes in the womens department. im glad i dont have to think about that . i like things simple.
just a taste that didnt taste so well on the other side.
Left on girls
Drew (Guest)
1st Mar 2017
My mom does this....sooooo's painful.
Left on ftm comic
27th Feb 2017
Funny how something like what you are wearing can make such a difference, but it does.

As they say, "Clothes Make'th Man", and it your case this it very true.
Left on ftm comic