The Second Crimean War
The fall of the last empire, a broken nation, and an alternate 1995
Last update: 12 days ago, 2:14 AM
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Set in Ukraine after the fall of the Soviet Union, in an alternate 1995, this is a story of civil war, terrorism, revolution, missing nuclear weapons, and worst of all, army food. Hang on tight and enjoy the ride!
(Note -- this comic started/was scripted in 2010, and thus predates ... everything since 2010. It's not/never was intended to be a commentary on current events.)


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The Doodler
Like trying to sneak to the break room and the boss is right there.
Tantz Aerine
That's an awesome final panel and also exactly what she doesn't want to walk into I expect.
The Doodler
I was going to say "One nuke is plenty" but I guess that messes with the whole balance of power thing.
I think he got one
The Doodler
Yana is ready for this harrowing duty! The making reaction gif faces one, not the rear guard one.