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Webcomic profile: Secondhanded
The communal lives of the (un)wanted
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Content flags: Strong Language
Language: English
Genre: Science-fiction
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 5 days ago, 3:38 PM
Number of comics: 54
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Webcomic description

Not many people come into the store downtown, even less choose to buy anything. But the strangest thing about Secondhanded isn't how they manage to stay in business - it's that not a soul who works there is human.
Outcast by the rest of the world, the creatures of Secondhanded hide in the shadows and the back room, protected from the outside world's harsh judgments - but not the store's "animated" stock. For the longest time their lives have been pretty routine, but all that changes the day somebody sees them for what they truly are, and a revolutionary notion is introduced to the store's employees - befriending a human.


I'm a fan of Dangan Ronpa, Homestuck, Kingdom Hearts, Adventure Time, and other things on a long list I won't copy here.
I can't draw and believe me if you saw any of my attempts at it you'd be glad I don't.

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5th Jun 2019
With Chapter 2 done and my getting ready to move house, Secondhanded is going on a little break. It shouldn't last too long and I should get a few pages done amidst sorting everything else in my life out, so hopefully we'll be able to jump right back into regular updates within the month.
Thanks to everyone reading so far, I hope things are staying interesting enough to keep you coming back for Chapter 3!
Left on Break Time!
19th Apr 2019
Check author blog for update.
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