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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A fantasy adventure quest where a travelling vagabond and a banished pastor get dragged into a race to find the legandary "Secras", an artifact that will either save the world or destroy it when it breaks at the final hour.

Along the way they'll have to deal with demonic dragons, immortal serial killers and a spirit that can spontaneously sneeze flowers.


I mostly run around in circles screaming.

I draw in the downtime.

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You could shoot him you know! I guess the shiney is too hypnotising....
Author Note
*insert outdated meme about arrows and knees here*

And no, that's not a Hedwig.
Author Note
Wait, didn't he mess his arm a few pages ago...

Also i may have to slow updates down to once a week instead of two, just so i can catch up on the next few pages.
Author Note
Don't worry it's not you, it is confusing (sorry about that)

There's actually is a reason for it, but it won't be explained until later.
I,,, I have no idea why or how that floored him. I'm not a very smart man I guess.