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A fantasy adventure quest where a travelling vagabond and a banished pastor get dragged into a race to find the legandary "Secras", an artifact that will either save the world or destroy it when it breaks at the final hour.

Along the way they'll have to deal with demonic dragons, immortal serial killers and a spirit that can spontaneously sneeze flowers.


I mostly run around in circles screaming.

I draw in the downtime.

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They already acting as siblings XD
I swear I've had fights like this.
Author Note
The quest for exposition continues
This will end well i'm sure.
Author Note
Thank you very much :)
Good on you spotting that. Please don’t feel guilty, I honestly appreciate you pointing it out because I’m always missing things like that.
So please feel free to point out any and every typo you spot (or anything else) because it helps me out :D:D