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David is detached from reality. Though his discomfort with art draws in a pair of charitable friends whom he desires to trust.
He falls for Delilah, a determined writer with a need to prove herself. A moment of unanimity triggers a piercing headache, and a shared color preference pools him into emotions of ecstasy.
A suitable cocktail for his cryptic doppelganger to emerge.

seluda is a psychological journey through their senses, thoughts, feelings, and mindscapes. An otherworldly problem harbors their fate.


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If you're interested in knowing for sure I recommend filling out a visual sleep journal like this one.
And then it's up to you if you want to see a doctor.
It's typically a blind person problem - Sleep doc might try to rule out other things first.

Yeah it feels nice to finally share these.
I think I have that. Always had a tendency to want to sleep a little later each day. Stupid 24 hour cycle. Oh well just happy to see more pages coming out :)
Wow putting the AV Club there too huh
Art teachers like that are great for giving students some breathing room. Ours was more or less open as well.
Ah, this same thing happened in our school. The AV Club, my art class, and Art 2 were all combined. So I got to hang out with some older students (some were my sister's friends). I felt so cool having "older friends" who helped me out.

Small town schools...hurray! (You tell me if I'm being sarcastic XD But seriously, our Art teacher was the best. He was so cool, very open to people experimenting, unlike a lot of horror stories I hear from people).