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Senhyakkin [1,100 birds]
Last update: 12th Sep 2020, 5:01 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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This is a Kenshi fancomic. In this story, a Hiveless drone enlists a group of three humans to help him search for a missing person. After being waylaid by bandits and left stranded in the middle of the dangerous region known as Venge, the group of travelers stumbles across a mysterious Skeleton who has lost his memories.
Somewhere in the vast and unforgiving desert, a flower blooms...


Not self propelled artillery.

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When doggo have no chill... 😥
Oh my gosh, this chapter was ABSOLUTELY ridiculously AMAZING and so well paced, it's SPECTACULAR. I honestly can't wait to see what the aftermath of this chapter's ending are going to be. Knowing who Stobe is now, this is not gonna bode well anytime soon.

Seriously, your story is so amazing, the art is amazing, the pacing is so good, and the character interactions are phenomenal. You have me entirely invested in this story, and I don't play Kenshi (I have tried and failed, but I shall try once more one day). I also love the little bits of humor in there, and this chapter hols so many emotions in it and so many ideals that are important to each character that we see at various points. It's absolutely amazing.
Oh dear......oops?
I...hope nothing breaks?