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Last update: 28th Mar 2021, 6:27 AM
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Created by Chris Hunt and LO-FI Games, KENSHI is a squad-based RTS RPG with a non-linear open world, set in a post-apocalyptic world with a gritty Feudal Japanese aesthetic. Following its official release in December 2018, it has met with critical acclaim and fan-creations from all over the world, among them being Bandkanon's "Senhyakkin [1,1000 birds]".

Despite counting itself as a fancomic, Senhyakkin is written to accommodate to readers who have never played Kenshi, and even act as an entry point for those interested.

In this story, a Hiveless drone enlists a group of three humans to help him search for a missing person. After being waylaid by bandits and left stranded in the middle of the dangerous region known as Venge, the group of travelers stumbles across a mysterious Skeleton who has lost his memories.
Somewhere in the vast and unforgiving desert, a flower blooms...


Not self propelled artillery.

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ayyy, juttt
Very nice. I really like how you build your story into the world of Kenshi. The Hive worker drone being raised by a skeleton is super interesting because of his(her?) skin condition that is unusual. The experimental Skeleton Ghost is also super unique concept and how he is associated with the Voodoo Brothers. Hope you will work on this and on your other works to improve not only your art, but also your writing/storytelling. Oh and also, the twin sister is cutie :D
YO, super nice Juttt.
It is no problemo, don't worry about it :)
I... rarely use comic fury, so I'm probably worse at responding to things hahaha
gosh dang the intrigue
so many theories~
I will just have to wait, but I don't mind that at all :)