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Serpamia Flare
An adventure with an icy knight and her cursed cleric.
Last update: 2nd Apr 2021, 10:00 AM
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A knight troubled by dreams of her dead mother, and a cleric cursed with chains on his body meet by chance on the way to a fortune-teller. Neither of them realise that their meeting marks the beginning of a long journey the both of them must tread side-by-side.

While the two of them learn the basics of being in one party and the more complicated process of confronting old fears, new friends join their party, and the gears determining the very balance of Archaiea begin to go into overdrive...


I am a storyteller at heart. :)

In loving memory of Jinny, my sweet cat. -May 2020-

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Just Keep Doodling. Comic will come when comic will come, but don't drain yourself to forgetting drawing, or the enjoyment you get from it.
Please take your time, Rufi. Life can be hard and full of stress, and I'm glad you're taking time to find the balance.
Good luck to you, and stay well!
Please know that we, here, are more concerned with your wellbeing, than rigid page schedules. You, yourself are much more important. Keep that in mind when you stress over not having a page ready. *hugs*
@R/N3: *hugs Rufi* 💗

Please take care of yourself and especially your mental and physical health and do not force yourself too much - a burnt out Rufi is not a happy Rufi - and not desirable for you and us readers

...wishes you the best *many huggus* 💗

PS: if we can help somehow, please let us know...
Better get with the sorting, rather than putting it off and paying extra for letting things heap up. You'll find something that pays the bills but doesn't drain you eventually.

And yes, I still say this is progress. You're still talking to us, you're watching out for yourself better than before.