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Comic profile: Serpamia Flare
Serpamia Flare
An adventure with an icy knight and her cursed cleric.
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Comic language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 9 days ago
Number of comics: 573
Number of subscribers: 274
Visitors: 412433 visitors (2806647 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (5161 votes)

Comic description

A knight troubled by dreams of her dead mother, and a cleric cursed with chains on his body meet by chance on the way to a fortune-teller. Neither of them realise that their meeting marks the beginning of a long journey the both of them must tread side-by-side.

While the two of them learn the basics of being in one party and the more complicated process of confronting old fears, new friends join their party, and the gears determining the very balance of Archaiea begin to go into overdrive...


I am a storyteller at heart. :)

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Most recent comments left on Serpamia Flare

25th Jul 2017
Aww, so sweet! I love this side story! Seia <3 <3
Starting to binge read again! :D
Left on Side story: Unconditional, page 14
25th Jul 2017
Left on Side story: Unconditional, page 6
25th Jul 2017
Count me in as appreciating the notification! :)
Left on 518 - A fast one
24th Jul 2017
Awww... Rufi... *huggus*

Thank you for notifying us <3

I hope you can make it... *hands over a big bottle of grand stamina potion*

Do not worry we will be here waiting and cheering you on... *more huggus*

Left on 518 - A fast one
24th Jul 2017
Hey everyone! I'm sorry about this, but there'll be no update today; the next update has been really slow-going, and I apologise. :'D It has less to do with the page itself being any trouble and more to do with my stamina running low.

I'd like to aim for a Wednesday and Saturday update this week, take next Monday off, and then update again on Thursday. The times may be a bit wonky this week, but after I take a small break next Monday I hope to be able to reset back to the regular schedule.

I appreciate your patience and understanding dear readers!! ;v;* I'll update again if I foresee any trouble hitting the update days I've set for this week. Thank you!
Left on 518 - A fast one