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Serpamia Flare
An adventure with an icy knight and her cursed cleric.
Last update: 22nd Apr 2022, 10:00 AM
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A knight troubled by dreams of her dead mother, and a cleric cursed with chains on his body meet by chance on the way to a fortune-teller. Neither of them realise that their meeting marks the beginning of a long journey the both of them must tread side-by-side.

While the two of them learn the basics of being in one party and the more complicated process of confronting old fears, new friends join their party, and the gears determining the very balance of Archaiea begin to go into overdrive...


I am a storyteller at heart. :)

In loving memory of Jinny, my sweet cat. -May 2020-

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Sorry folks, I'd like to extend the hiatus by another week, until 27th May. I need a little more time! Thanks so much for your patience >-<* <3
Author Note
Naru is a cutiepie.
See you in May Rufi, don't worry about it ^^
Archangel Daniel
So... remember how I said that I will be here even if you start uploading only once in a never?

Well, I meant it! Serpamia Flare is worth it! Take your time to rest.
Whoohoo, update!

I was thinking last week that "tomorrow" wouldn't be attainable and so best just put it back a week. If you don't have a decent buffer, how about you announce you'll post the page next week every time you have finished to post? That way you'll always make at least that promise, and so don't need to apologise. Which you don't really need to anyway, but still. And who knows, maybe you'll have the next one ready by then, so you can announce another one.

How's the job, though? Less soul-sucking than the previous one?
Take your time. It's always worth the wait.

I guess the success of this covert escape plan is sort of a foregone conclusion, isn't it?