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Webcomic profile: Serpamia Flare
Serpamia Flare
An adventure with an icy knight and her cursed cleric.
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Language: English
Genre: Fantasy
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 24th Jan 2019, 10:00 AM
Number of comics: 638
Number of subscribers: 310
Visitors: 606716 visitors (4564834 pages viewed)
Rating: 4.99 (5938 votes)

Webcomic description

A knight troubled by dreams of her dead mother, and a cleric cursed with chains on his body meet by chance on the way to a fortune-teller. Neither of them realise that their meeting marks the beginning of a long journey the both of them must tread side-by-side.

While the two of them learn the basics of being in one party and the more complicated process of confronting old fears, new friends join their party, and the gears determining the very balance of Archaiea begin to go into overdrive...


I am a storyteller at heart. :)

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Most recent comments left on Serpamia Flare

The Accidental Ninja
11th Feb 2019
The Accidental Ninja
HAHAH xDD Oh Jinn, you utter dork xD

I hope all your life stuff goes well! I would send you real choco and tea if I could but you'll just have to make do with some imaginary ones x'D (here you go~)
Looking forward to whenever you come back! :D
Left on Parody Theatre: Shoujo Edition
26th Jan 2019

Gotta admit, Jinn and Me both... (although for me it's "WhaddidIsay?")
Left on Parody Theatre: Shoujo Edition
Matt Knab
24th Jan 2019
Matt Knab
Left on Parody Theatre: Shoujo Edition
Guest (Guest)
24th Jan 2019

Good job!

Family first, but I’m looking forward to the story continuing.
Left on Parody Theatre: Shoujo Edition
24th Jan 2019
Switching styles like that can be difficult, so give yourself a pat on the back for pulling it off with these. Kudos!

Good to hear you're beginning to get things sorted out. That'll ease your mind some, which is always good. :D
Left on Parody Theatre: Shoujo Edition