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Earth's greatest college student/call center agent/god/superhero!
Last update: 17th Nov 2013, 7:43 AM
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Born of gods and raised by mortals, young Gal Ang/Gabriel Barreon lives as an ordinary student, working part-time as a call center representative. Yet when the need arises, he dedicates his divine power as a Bathala ("god") to serving the cause of justice and the protection of mankind as Servant!

But even with the power of the cosmos in his hands, can he make the right choices to protect humanity from its own follies?

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Writer, Artist, Consultant, Gamer, Martial Arts practitioner, Cook, Outdoorsman, Scientist, Former government agent... a man of too many interests and too little free time.

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“So that is how it is done!”
COOL STUFF! I also create my own http://northforcealpha.webstarts.com/
It seems that way in the world. I guess it's simply because it's easier to choose the path of evil because the rewards are more immediate. The lure of money, power, and all can be hard to resist.

Thanks for the feedback and for giving a rating! ^_^
It's the basic idea that power corrupts and there are those who equate being in a position of authority, no matter how small, to be something to take advantage of for personal gain. Which is not to say that everyone thinks the same way. There are still those who believe in what the position and the uniform stands for. However, their fight gets harder every day.
Mankind has so much potential to do good - so why do the evil ones seem to dominate?
I did grow up in an era when people could trust a man or woman in uniform. It seems like many who are supposed to serve humanity have forsaken their oath and now serve and protect the government and business elite.