Servant of the Succubus [NSFW]
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Violent Content Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Matt - an average bored bloke - one day decides to get off to his friend's sisters dirty laundry. His friends sister catches him, traps him, and reveals herself to be a succubus. Shit happens, now he and his friend Lara are on the run wanted both by the police and a dangerous hidden society of succubi.
A lust-filled battle against a deadly hidden society of succubi ensues.

An adults only comic. 18+ NSFW, contains nudity; sex and violence.

Updates once a week (Maybe.)


Eli Cosmanis
Eli Cosmanis
Hi. Hope you enjoy my comics.

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Eli Cosmanis
that would suck
Eli Cosmanis
Eli Cosmanis
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Walter Matthau?
Thank crap. Lol