Servant of the Succubus [NSFW]
Last update: 8th Jul 2020, 7:57 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Matt - an average bored bloke - one day decides to get off to his friend's sisters dirty laundry. His friends sister catches him, traps him, and reveals herself to be a succubus. Shit happens, now he and his friend Lara are on the run wanted both by the police and a dangerous hidden society of succubi.
A lust-filled battle against a deadly hidden society of succubi ensues.

An adult comic. NSFW, contains nudity; sex and violence.

Currently on a hiatus 25-jan-20
Updates twice a week (I think for the majority of you it'd be sunday & tuesday evenings, it's monday and wednesday morning for me.)


Eli Cosmanis
Eli Cosmanis
Hi. Hope you enjoy my comics.

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eyy glad to see you're still around! hope you're doin alright, and I'm looking forward to the return of this comic! :D
Welcome back... Now draw!
Hey man I didn't give up hope!
Eli Cosmanis
Hi. You know how when you sit on a story plan for a while and eventually it all starts to sound horrible and you want to scrap it, take a different route, but arent sure exactly which way to go? I guess it's called writers block. Plus all this lockdown stuff messing up my work hours and subsequently messing up my hours to work on this.
Give me a while longer. Thanks for your support/comments/readership. I'll try my hardest to not let you all down.
Author Note
Art schmart...

Your story is solid and I'm dying to see more!
Art is what it is... You always get better the more you do.
Many of you artists struggle with getting better. Always cutting yourselves down, when in fact your budding talent is an envy to most of us!
You already hooked us, and you have every right to be proud of that!
Keep moving forward, and shrug off the self doubts.
We can be a faithful audience that just enjoy what you are willing to share with us, and it is fun to watch your skills progress!
(I'll return to my stick figures now....... Oh look! this one is smiling! I think......)