Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R
A silly quest of a girl and the friends she makes along the way!
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A small woman from a small town leaves home to go on adventures! Will Mizuki find true love, or will she be too busy being bombarded with magic fruits, model airplanes, and more?!

Updates Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Book 1 - Mizuki Sato visits King Zebugu to request aid for a mysterious crop die-out.

Book 2 - King Zebugu is at it again! How will Mizuki turn the magic back on?

Book 3 - Can Mizuki and her friends beat the trials and become true Galaxy Knights?!


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Ah cool ! Haha that’s what happens when I’m watching too many gaming behind the scenes xD
The orange things are flowers!
Haha classic Pejiba :D

More cool powers! ..Mocap suit?!
the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh place finishers have arrived!
Author Note
Well, maybe not the best lesson...