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Comic profile: Shades
What becomes of a nation's heroes after they've won the war that lost an empire?
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Content flags: Violent ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Action
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 23rd Apr 2014, 12:14 PM
Number of comics: 242
Number of subscribers: 54
Visitors: 26465 visitors (102038 pages viewed)
Rating: 5 (318 votes)

Comic description

A WW2 fighter pilot, a First Century warrior queen and a prehistoric mystic. Oh, and their tailor. These are not your common-or-garden heroes!


Most recent comments left on Shades

23rd Apr 2014
Well, it's official - the print version of Shades Volume 2 is finally available. Here's a pic of the back cover; you know, in case you needed proof!

Volume 2 collects everything from Chapter 9 onwards (i.e. everything drawn by Nickel and coloured by Qoiri), so if you've already bought Volume 1, you can now get the rest of the story. Yup - even the bits with Arturos devouring his egg and bacon sandwich, and Thrawn being frazzled by Boo!

The print and downloadable PDF versons of both Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available from
IndyPlanet (probably best if you're in the US) or Comicsy (quite possibly cheaper and quicker if you're in the UK or Europe).
Left on Volume 2 back cover
1st Mar 2014
Yup. What Bedlam said!

Just sent all the files for Chapters 9 - 16 (and the Epilogue, natch!) to Ka-Blam for printing. Barring any probs, a print version of Shades Volume 2 should therefore be available by mid-April.

Of course, if you haven't got your print version of Volume 1 yet, you should probably grab one of those first. You can find one at IndyPlanet (probably best if you're in the US) or Comicsy (postage will probably be cheaper if you're in Europe or the UK).
Left on Volume 2 (print) teaser
1st Sep 2013
No, you're not wrong ... well, not entirely! I must admit I fell in love with this medium while creating Shades and I've been an enthusiastic advocate of its potential ever since.

Unfortunately, not being an artist myself, any future project would have to be dependent upon finding an artist who is sufficiently capable, reliable and committed not only to do justice to the visions in my head, but also to stay the course until completion (the artwork for Shades took some six or seven years in total!) Those type of guys are not that plentiful ... unless of course you can afford to pay them and - for a GN the size of Shades (as most of my projects would be!) - that amounts to a pretty penny!

But, as I say, you're not entirely wrong. When I first had the idea for the novel I'm currently working on (plug: Abhorrent Practices!), I was in two minds as to whether it should be a prose novel or another GN. I even had an excellent artist lined up who was very enthusiastic about the concept. Ironically, various upsets in my own personal life hit me at that point and I realised that - on this occasion - I would be the unreliable part of the collaboration, so I opted for prose. This way, I'm not reliant on anyone else to see it finished and no one else is relying on me to keep it moving forwards. I'd have loved to see it take shape as a GN but, given how slow my progress has been since I started, I think I probably made the right choice!
Left on Epilogue: Page 06
31st Aug 2013
Maybe I'm wrong but someone with as much talent as you have will begin to feel cagey after while and certainly starts another epic saga.
Left on Epilogue: Page 06
16th Aug 2013
Saw the pre-launch hype. ;-) Didn't realise it had actually started though. Will definitely stop by!
Left on Epilogue: Page 06