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Pokemon: Shadow of the Sun

Last update: 31st Jan 2020, 7:31 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Strong Language
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A fantasy Pokemon fancomic in the vein of Redwall.

Twig is a young Sneasel who believes that she’s cursed. Born with a strange birthmark, and found abandoned in a cave as an infant, the denizens of her village regard her as a bringer of misfortune. Twig seems to believe it to be true--and after she’s abducted by mysterious Pokemon, who’s to say she isn’t?

Twig manages to escape from her kidnappers, only to find herself far from home. Intent on going back at first, she comes to realize that nothing can be done until she finds out why her mark torments her so. And so the young Sneasel embarks on a quest for its true meaning, only to find that she’ll be getting a lot more than she bargained for...


CONTENT WARNING: Violence and dark themes


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We need more details, namely thr village and thr villagers and what they do.
Wwww what a nice papa bear. Good luck with school!
apologies for the long delay! i'm in school now and so have schoolwork to prioritize. expect updates to be slower for a while because of this.
Author Note
thanks man. sorry for the delay in this week's update, i got school and so gotta prioritize schoolwork first lol
You know I want to access your pokemon mystery dungeon that's like this particularly post the adventure of the human who is now stuck of pokemon. Afterwards do they start a family of their own or what? If they do what is the home life like what did they do for a job besides mystery dungeon and rescues? That's something I wanna see in a comic.