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A group of outsiders flip an Arizona lake town on its head attempting to rescue a bullied marina from snobby, yacht club encroachment by staging a mammoth, end-of-season, pro wakeboarding festival against the wishes of the town’s hardnosed park rangers.

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So.... here it is. I'm asking. While I'd LOVE to keep giving the book away for free, let's face it, it'll read better in hardcopy anyway. I've been writing and working on Shake The Lake for a decade and have put in over 5 years on the graphic novel. If you've enjoyed reading it, please consider supporting myself and the illustrators for our tireless work bringing it to life. It's difficult being a creator but it's also incredibly rewarding. Check out the website and give it a share to someone who would also love it. Thank you for following along on our journey.
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Thought this page should be named after the thoughts running through Zeke's mind when he steps out of the car. The scene he is surrounded by is exactly the opposite of what he wants in his town. What in the god damned shit is right.
Author Note
I dig the style for sure.
Greg Land fan right?
Glad you enjoy. Please comment back when you finish reading. Would love to hear your feedback as we finish the book in the upcoming months.