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Shaking Off Sorcery
Is there an answer to this never ending story?!
Last update: 6th May 2016, 10:00 PM
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You think our world is boring and it could use some magic?

And what if you lived in a world so full of magic... that you could actually get bored of it being everywhere?

Check out the story of Tygon in the incredibly tiresome reality of dragons, magical spells and more...

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He just killed himself a vampire cool
@Silly Zealot
I may not be an author of the comic but thanks a lot for that little poem, which made the end of this comic a little less sad.
Hooray, hooray, Tygon has won the day!
But woe, what bitter-sweet resolution.
This comic comes to a conclusion.

Will this be its end for good?
Reduced to ashes like that vampire dude?
Or will it resurface like a phoenix' flight
And graze us once more with its bewildering sight.

Be one or the other,
one thing to say I wish:
Be well, you authors, forever,
And thank you for all the fish!
The day was saved, by SCIENCE!
That "suck it" is just too amusing to me for some reason. I am really going to miss this comic when it's gone.