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In the beginning, God created. Man destroyed. And the universe was shattered.
Last update: 8th Jun 2022, 1:45 AM
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In the beginning, God created. Man destroyed. And the universe was shattered.

A random few have managed to move between dimensions. Some are lost. Some are searching. Some are hunters and exterminators. Iconoclasts clash as they battle for meaning, survival, and a place to call home.


Between fixing our (very old) House of Revolt and collecting children, my husband and I sometimes make webcomics. I also write urban fantasy novels which are occasionally sold to benefit charity.

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LOL!!! His face is all like. .''Well damn! I feel unwanted! Tell me You're here for me...TELL ME!"
Probably turning on the AC or something.

Hey! Jared sent me the script for this comic a few months before we got married, and this week, we've been married twelve years! How's that for productivity???
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lol you didn't even have to explain that, it's in his expression, he's so-o-o-o disappointed. Boo for missing out on the buffet.
I love this dude's outfit!
You might feel a bit threatened if earth sent an army robot to take down your organized crime syndicate, but you'd feel a little flattered, too.
Might sting a bit if it turns out the robot just wanted a fourteen-year-old alien that works in your armory.
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