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Adventures in Plumbing
Monsters, Plungers, and Poe. Oh My!
Last update: 2nd Jan 2012, 6:11 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore
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The Shaw-Chez Brothers are plumbers. They fight monsters and pop-culture icons. One toilet at a time.


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Eh? I know who is viewing this as of 10:51 AM
You'd feel honored, too.
Author Note
Chuck Norris once went to a McDonald's to get breakfast. As it was 10:31, they had stopped serving breakfast. In a fit of rage, Chuck Norris punched the McDonald's so hard, it became a Wendy's.
Author Note
Tuk-Tuk is Rico's magic plunger. He "plunges" enemies into another dimension. His name is Tuk-Tuk,
Author Note