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Shiku: The First & Final
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Last update: 14th Jul 2017, 10:36 AM
Strong Sexual Themes
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Style: Manga(comipo<---the program that I'm using)
Genre: School, romance, comedy, 4-koma(kind of like gag a day!)
Flags: S-flag but only to be safe. There will be nothing graphic but implications. SFW!

This is the sequel of
the comic Shiro and Kuro
so reading it before
Shiku is recomended!
(but not a must)

Marina and Daisuke
(Shiro & Kuro)
are finally together
so love is blooming!
Too bad they have no clue
how to act like a couple...

Also - read this comic from right to left because I'm a WEEABOO.

Layout-design by revzet - Chek out her amazing comic Paradox


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I love these uniforms. Purple! :-)
So that's why he had to learn cooking.

Doesn't really explain though why shy needed to study for that?...
Finally... That one was long coming! Longest one in the entire story I think?

(Should have taken off the glasses, though...)
Actually, I did :-)
I think he might be having second thoughts ;-)