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Shinka: The Last Eevee
Darkness is coming.
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Deepwood Forest is dying.

Only a cut from the Fellwood's mossy rock can save it-- and that's just what Nick and his friends intend to do. In order to save their forest, they must brave the world beyond their city and return in time to stop the spread of deadly blackmoss.

But the runes speak of forgotten gods and false salvation. Deep in the mountains, the Mystics don their masks and prepare for the worst.

Darkness is coming.

Updates Thursdays
Rated PG
Reboot of the original STLE (2008-2015)


Author, illustrator, rockhound, witch. Lover of tea, knits, and shiny rocks.

queer nonbinary ace || she/they || mid-20s
deviantART || twitter || patreon || ko-fi

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Happy late Thanksgiving! The backgrounds are always so good and you really do a remarkable job with the character expressions! Great work!

If I hadn't read the previous pages I would've assumed this was a peaceful setting
The color palette really completes the cold day feeling of this page, well done!
The Alolan PokeNerd
Happy (late) Thanksgiving to you too! :D

Hmm....I wonder what's in that little bag of his
happy thanksgiving! thanks for reading!
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