Shinka: The Last Eevee

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Deepwood Forest is dying.

Only a cut from the Fellwood's mossy rock can save it-- and that's just what Nick and his friends intend to do. In order to save their forest, they must brave the world beyond their city and return in time to stop the spread of deadly blackmoss.

But the runes speak of forgotten gods and false salvation. Deep in the mountains, the Mystics don their masks and prepare for the worst.

Darkness is here.

Updates Thursdays (weekly) & the last Monday of the month (thanks, patrons!)
Rated PG for mild violence and emotional themes.
Reboot of the original STLE (2008-2015)


Silver || queer agender ace || she/they || late 20s


OC acct: Earthtonequeen

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Oh, so that's how he would write with a pen. I always imagined Pokemon like Zangoose who have really big claw-finger things going on would use those claws as sort of an ink quill pen. I could see Psychic-types just using their mind powers to write with a pen for themselves.
Fingers crossed that last frame isn't a new villain spying on Nick.
Wonder how many people are going to question Nick as to why he wears an Everstone when he's already evolved
It absolutely is, and I'm glad you noticed! It's been a subtle action and I'm really happy someone noticed hahah
It's technically a dewclaw, and only drawn like this when I want to use anatomy in a more cartoony way that isn't anatomically correct lol