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Comic profile: Siamese Ninja Heroes!
Siamese Ninja Heroes!
Let's jump into action!
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Comic language: English
Genre: Other
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 4 days ago, 12:00 PM
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Comic description

Join Chloe, Jackson, Lacey and Seeley on their adventures as super feline heroes known as the Siamese Ninja Heroes! As they battle to stop the evil Anubis and his gang of evil villains!
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Most recent comments left on Siamese Ninja Heroes!

4 days ago
Skye is the Wind Siamese Ninja Hero and he uses wind and more precisely tornadoes to blow his foes away!
Left on Get to know Skye
One week ago
Fury is the Fire Siamese Ninja Heroes and he is also the leader of the pack. He uses his fiery fists of justice to burn foes!
Left on Get to know Fury
11 days ago
Bibie is the Water Siamese Ninja Hero! She uses water to dowse her foes and trap them in bubbles!
Left on Get to know Bibie!
13 days ago
Get to know Seeley:
He is the youngest of the heroes.
He is Chloe's little brother.
He tends to be picked on by the rest of the heroes.
He loves science and history. He is a bit of a know-it-all.
His alter ego is Skye using wind and tornadoes as his source of power!
Left on Get to know the heroes: Seeley
5th Apr 2018
Get to know Chloe:
She is the oldest girl of the four heroes and she is sassy.
She loves to talk about boys, shoes, clothes and her hair but also loves to beat Jackson and Seeley in soccer!
Her element is earth and her alter ego is Rosie the Ninja Hero that uses vines as her main power!
Left on Get to know the Heroes: Chloe