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Comic profile: Side Dishes
Side Dishes
Side stories written by fans of Banana Cream Cake on Patreon
Content flags: Sexual ContentStrong LanguageNudity
Comic language: English
Genre: Erotica
Activity status: Active
Archive url: Visit archive
Last update: 3 days ago
Number of comics: 98
Number of subscribers: 12
Visitors: 16115 visitors (126542 pages viewed)
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Comic description

Side Dishes is a series written by fans of Banana Cream Cake! Supporters on Patreon get to suggest story ideas, and then are allowed to vote on what happens next.


Most recent comments left on Side Dishes

GUEST (Guest)
21st Aug 2017
So in this alternate universe Anastasia has 2 daughters and no magic powers. That could have been helpful in this kind of situation.
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wolfen 749 (Guest)
20th Aug 2017
"It came from outer space -part 2"
She may be a cook,but her head's getting baked (roll on snare drum and hits cymbal. )
Left on Side Dishes 4-13
20th Aug 2017
I feel like it would be more confusing if the characters all had new names in addition to the new setting. This is just an "alternate universe" story, so it's all the same characters, just in different places. And she's just a cook.
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GUEST (Guest)
20th Aug 2017
Mrs Del what? I thought we were just using faces now we are using names too? Man what a headache of a comic. I fell dizzy from too much confusion. So how did she ended up in this story? What's her title?
Is she a commander or just the ship's cook that got caught up in this mess.
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19th Aug 2017
You can tell it's the future because her glasses have little sci-fi doodads attached to them that don't appear to fulfill any kind of obvious function. Well, I guess it's pretty clear what the microphone is for...
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