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In the heart of Goshenia, a desperate queen sends her daughter away in the hopes that she will live. As the not-so-little princess grows, an uncommon thief meets an astute lady of the night. And above them all rises the new queen, her careless footsteps finishing the path their ancestors set them on long ago.

Friends and family alike must survive in a crumbling society as the dead rise around them and unknown evils stir in the palace. Hope and courage may not be enough, but one thing is certain - in the end, life will always prevail.

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Yeah, a lot of liches, especially in this time'll be shown wearing some kind of shapeless potato sack deal, heh. Being skeletons, I guess they are pretty androgynous, and the people who put them to work don't really care about their gender.

It's not very unusual for living Goshenians to look androgynous either though, and there aren't really any strong taboos about what people wear.
A lich of unknown name being appellated as "he", but who seems to wear a dress...
So I guess due to them basically being animated skeletons, there's anatomically no easy way to tell if a lich was a man or a woman when still alive?
Things have been going well for these two!
Author Note
Creating wearable clothing from these scraps is pretty impressive, but relying on them regularly to make quality clothing with a distinct style? Genevieve definitely has skill.
Author Note
Eshya's thieving skills are... Better than you would expect for a child their age. But they're used to working with distractions. It well may be that Genevieve is more aware than their previous marks too.
Author Note