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Simane the Slayer
Magician vs werewolves and other beasties
Last update: 3rd Sep 2021, 10:55 AM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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Simane, magician and lycanthrope hunter, must face the consequences of her actions while averting the apocalypse.


My name's Neal. I grew up in Denver, lived in Oregon for awhile, and now live in Minneapolis with my wife, our son, and our dog. I take care of the critters, draw some comics, practice Aikido, and so on.

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Thanks, glad you think so!
Thus concludes the first chapter of Simane the Slayer!
More to come, after a little hiatus. Part One will be available as a PDF or printed book in early November. Join my Patreon to get yours!
Author Note
Thanks for all your feedback DR3! I'm home with a young kid now so unfortunately production is slow. But the next page IS in progress, I'll post as soon as I can!
Thanks DR3, I was also really happy with how this page turned out!