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I have to refresh my memory; where should I look in the archive to see what Coralee's traumatic memories are about?
Too much of a crowd, is it?
Page Transcript:

Chip: Oh no, its like, everybody! Izzy and Mira and Ellis and Noah,

Coralee: (smiling, though slightly concerned)

Chip: also this group of nice Shadows we've been living with,

Coralee: (smile begins to shrink as she recalls traumatic memories related to Shadows and Vitakiv)

Chip: oh and also most of the other Skull People!

Coralee: (smile shrinks even more and is mostly replaced with concern as she recalls even more traumatic memories related to Skull People and Mortekiv)

Chip: (looking away, not noticing her reactions) I also invited Louie, but I don't know if he'll come, aheheh.. (he turns back to Coralee, smiling warmly) So, what do you say?

Coralee: (her smile turns back to normal, and her hand is now on the door.) No.

Chip: Great, lets- (he realizes what she just said) Wait, "no"?
Author Note
Page Transcript:

(Coralee is by herself in the forest, which is still covered in snow. She's startled by three knocks coming from the wardrobe behind her.)

Coralee: (happily swinging open the door) Heee- (she sees that its Chip) -llooo??! Chip?

Chip: (smiles, waves awkwardly)

Coralee: (concerned) Is.. everything okay?

Chip: Oh, everything is great, actually! I just wanted to see if you wanted to come to a New Years party?

Coralee: A party..? (thinking, distressed: "ITS NEW YEARS?!?") Sounds fun, um.. is it just, the same group as last time..?
Author Note
Page Transcript:

Chip: (scratching the back of his head) sooo like, if you wanna, you could come too, and just like..... be there....

Louie: ??? (confused) Like a party?

Chip: (pauses, then, confident) Yep! (he darts out of the room)

Louie: WHUH-

Chip: um, think about it, bye!

Louie: HUH??

(Chip enters the living room, and turns to look down the hallway of doors.)
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