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Last update: 16th Jul 2021, 6:00 AM
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See the world from a bug's-eye-view! Follow Jack the Spider, Chip the Cricket, Gypsy the Moth, and a girl named Luna!


I'm a video game designer/artist who's trying his luck at webcomics

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It almost seems like the author is trying to blame his giving up on this comic, on another of the BS statements of the GOP.
That is not in line with the narrative here methinks, what you're saying is too much like the tru-
There is a difference between "questioning" and "Denial of proof". Especially when the "Questioning" is being used to incite emotional, unthinking, reactions strictly for personal gain.
Well, possibly, as long as the Voter ID was free and easily available without large amounts of travel, or missing time at work.
There's an idea!