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Falling is not an option
Last update: 14th Jan 2020, 3:02 PM
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What is it like to live a life of no rest?

Shanti believes that she knows, until she gets in a plane crash, only to be caught in midair by a great winged creature calling itself a Gryphside. The Gryphside, named Phoebus, claims that he cannot land on the ground...but will instead take her to the one place he can, a mysterious cube floating in midair that his kind call the Skybox.

What the Skybox is, how it came to be, and the fate of all those that rest on it are for Shanti to uncover...


Lynx is your typical comics, animation and games nerd who spends far too much time heaping extra art projects upon herself. Perhaps you've seen her first comic about werewolves, titled 'Lunargyros.' Well, this is her new one!

Lynx also works in the animation industry, drawing on cartoons, and spends the rest of her time doodling fanart for her favorite series.

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“day-binge of the comic!”
I started reading this last night and only got a few pages in before going to sleep. I decided to try knocking out a few more pages this morning... and then ended up reading the entire comic. oops lol

this was an amazing story and i was amazed and enraptured the entire way! I was always curious about what was going on and so curious about the world you were creating and where it was going! I was thinking it was actually going to end with shanti becoming a simurgh of rest or something but honestly the ending that ended up was really great! I do wonder what all the sides are going to do now that they don't have that constant journey to make.

I'm still unsure why the drakesides were so against humans? did they know what powers humans got? or many one did a long time ago and it just grew into legend?

I would love to see more in this universe, though I imagine that you're really busy with other projects right now.

I made so many happy and excited and sad sounds while i was reading this! I knew it was Pandora the second i saw the little gryffside, but i did not see the rachel plot twist coming at all (probably what happens when you read something fast and are bad at remembering names lol). Honeslty the beset way to spent the morning!
God damn you. I was only supposed to read a little bit to see if I was interested and I could barely stop reading (had a bit of an issue when an exam came up). Lovely story, very happy I found this
just caught up after dropping off last summer. really great. stuff with endings and morals like this makes me sad. lol. but for real it was good.
I just got reading this twice and I love it to bits. This Song I feel goes the absolute best with it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHOwYqxBbWU
That was one heck of a comic, one of the best and most indulging if I might add. One perk of having to find this late was that I didn't have to wait for updates. Thanks for making this amazing project, lynx! :)