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Sky isn't from around here, but that hasn't stopped him from living a normal life- as normal an alien-lizard can live anyway. Things change however, when some weirdos show up claiming that they know who he is, where he is from, and that he must come with them or else...


I am a long-time aspiring Manga artist. It's long past time to share my work with the world. Comments and critiques are more than welcome!

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🤣 this is very true in her case!
[sings] Put your hands in the air like you don't care... ;-)
The bonus update was so that we could end this volume perfectly in time for Halloween! Next week starts some character profiles (I apologize for the long delay) as well as the start of a bonus chapter! I hope you all look forward to it before I start to post the chapters from volume 4!! As always, like, speculate, comment, favorite, subscribe and share with anyone you think will enjoy!
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Panda Cop
Get out of her top right, probably should be here
Actually, you are quite correct!!