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Sleight of Hand
Updates Weekly. Contains violence, gore, and strong language.
Last update: 2 days ago, 1:31 AM
Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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A Fallout New Vegas Fancomic about a Courier and his Bodyguard.
Content warnings for violence, gore, depictions of emotional abuse, and strong language.


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That clack felt so loud. Like I can see Lucky's emotions without seeing his face.
in love with this page. how the dialogue is carefully spaced out and the clack of the lighter. fuck
I'm really glad to hear you like the story so far!
hoo boy. newcomer here, fully unfamiliar with the fallout universe, but just binged the whole comic thus far and suffice to say I'm hooked for the long haul. beautiful art and expressions, wonderful characters, a compelling plot? what more could one ask for? anyway, keep up the great work! I'm thoroughly enjoying it.
Keeps things interesting :)