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Sleight of Hand
Updates Weekly. Contains violence, gore, and strong language.
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Violent Content Occasional Strong Language
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A Fallout New Vegas Fancomic about a Courier and his Bodyguard.
Content warnings for violence, gore, depictions of emotional abuse, and strong language.


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im so so enchanted by your story - i love the backgrounds, the panelling, this is such an inspiration WAAA i can't wait to watch this story develop
An authorial note: The character Nick and Ghost are discussing (Mohave) uses both they and he pronouns. Nick refers to them as they & them. Ghost refers to Mohave was he & him and the 'they' she mentions is the Legion. Both are correct; their difference in language is deliberate.
Author Note
Really awesome to hear that! I take that as high praise especially if the game isn't really your thing. Guess that makes the comic fun on at least some of its own merit.
I'm not really a huge fan of FNV but your storylines and art are just incredible, this webcomic has been the highlight of my week
Fallout New Vegas is definitely one of the most games ever... Strongly agreed...

I'm really glad you're enjoying the read! The boys are certainly good company (in my opinion).