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Comic profile: sLightly abOVe avErage
sLightly abOVe avErage
including absolutely no tentacles
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Content flags: Violent ContentSexual ContentStrong Language
Comic language: English
Genre: Comedy
Activity status: Active
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Last update: 2 days ago, 11:18 AM
Number of comics: 678
Number of subscribers: 39
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Rating: 4.97 (171 votes)

Comic description

Keiko Tachibana is an average High school girl.

Scratch that. She's a self proclaimed "Slighty above average" High school girl who has dedicated herself to being only moderately better than the social norm. However one day she gets a visit from someone Way over the top.

An inter dimensional cutie whom goes by the name Llla-Elac Ngtholi Cllegogg, also known as "Laila" to humans. She has come to destroy the sanity, and lives of everyone at Daisuke Ryuzaki high school.

However, poor Keiko seems to be the only one at school whom has noticed this terrifying beast, and to make matters worse, she's staying at her house!!

Will Keiko be driven insane by the ramblings of this terrible alien and her Slightly above average lifestyle tossed to the wind? Or will she succeed in defeating this strange alien menace!?

Find out in this incredibly odd web comic inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft!


Most recent comments left on sLightly abOVe avErage

2 days ago
Keiko sings her song looking pretty nervous.

Taki's mom shows up for the play, much to her excitement.

You did great Keiko-chan!

Looking to support me monetarily so I can keep on living this bleak existence doing something I wanna do? Hit me up here!

Wanna support me monthly like some sort of weird sugar daddy who gives me $1 for dirty pictures of fat girls?
Left on Page 576
9 days ago
Back to the play.

Shush, Keiko's about to sing.

Looking to support me monetarily so I can keep on living this bleak existence doing something I wanna do? Hit me up here!

Wanna see my weird fetish art and stuff besides SAA?
Left on Page 575
4th Sep 2018
Laila sees into the past to see Mr. Sunderland's true form and plans to destroy him.

Also she's gettin bigger again from absorbing those Formless spawn.
Left on Page 574
28th Aug 2018
Laila searches the creature's genetic memory to see where it came from but....

Dammit, just regular old porn.
Left on Page 573
21st Aug 2018
Suguri gets ready to torch some aliens, and Laila absorbs one of them to get some weird knowledge....
Left on Page 572