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Please don't make him rattled or else his ophidian vibes will throw a hissy fit.
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Once a good for nothing that calls himself Shaun Mercer. Discovered The Golden belt and mystical flute. Of Adder King . A group called(Sol) which is also known as "Society of looters" Will begin to wreak havoc on Serpentine City. And try to bring it to ruins with their paradox like calamity. They're leaf by the sexy and yet cruel female leader called white wing. And it's up to Slitherman to give the white wing his red hand before it's too late


I'm just a guy that likes the ladies. & In my spare time I enjoy drawing, whittling, and making new friends on here. And also spending time with my family. So if you are a follower of my comics please feel free to pm a fan art as well as comment on the page. And I hand draw the comics. And upload them by my cell phone. Because I don't have a computer. Some helpful advice. If something is written too small than I suggest switching devices so you can zoom in. Just a heads up.