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A comic about a peculiar desert town, and the strange animal people who inhabit it.
Last update: 5 days ago, 7:00 PM
Occasional Strong Language
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Welcome to SlumberTown!
Population: … 32.

Romy, a socially anxious retriever, is the newest resident of the quiet ghost town. New job? Check. New friends? Check. Forgotten memories and unusual supernatural phenomena? Also… check.

Upon arriving in Slumber, Romy quickly realizes that there are more questions surrounding her move than she initially thought. She can’t remember why she came there or how she got there. Things that seemed to make sense at first stop making sense altogether. Many of the residents seem accustomed to life in Slumber, but Romy can’t shake the feeling that there’s more to the strange desert town than first meets the eye.

The mysteries continue to pile up, and with the help of her new friends, Romy sets out to seek the truth while navigating her social anxiety in a quest to discover what brought them there… and how to find their way back home.


Main website: www.slumbertowncomic.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/townofslumber

Moving here from SmackJeeves! It might take some time for me to figure out this website and the right resolution for my pages. I have a bit of a backlog, so it might take a while to get it all up here but we'll get there eventually.


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Looks like we're off to Blushville once again. Darn you, conveniently placed mirror!

Know who makes ME blush? My patrons! And those patrons aaaaaaaare... Roque Mapache, Vi, Sczaric, Buttercup, Joe Hamrick - and our newest awesome supporter, Foxrock! Thanks you so much for helping me keep this comic rolling! :)

You can visit the patreon over at https://www.patreon.com/slumbertown! The thumbnails for the new scene have recently been completed, and I've currently been chipping away at the Christmas episode in my spare time. Patrons get early access to all the stuff I'm working on, so check that out if it interests you!
Author Note
According to today's SlumberTown update: Romy's posture SOCKS!

And if Romy's posture socks, that means my patrons' patronage... shoes (sorry, I'm not very good at segues). Big ole thanks to my supporters: Roque Mapache, Vi, Sczaric, Buttercup and Joe Hamrick. I a-drawer you all!

The patreon is https://www.patreon.com/slumbertown! There's not as many bad puns as you might expect, but you do get a lot of cool early access to comics if you pitch in $3 a month. Not a bad deal, if you ask me!
Author Note
Romy doesn’t wish to be perceived… perhaps she should have thought about that BEFORE she became the main character in this comic.

Hopefully my patrons are okay with being perceived for a second. Like it or not, they’re getting a shoutout! Roque Mapache, Vi, Sczaric, Buttercup and Joe Hamrick… thank you so so much for your continued patronage of my work!!

If you wanna sponsor SlumberTown too, I’m almost always working on something. This week, I’ve been chipping away at the thumbnails for the scene that will be publicly released in January! Get in on some of that sweet, sweet early access over at https://www.patreon.com/slumbertown.
Author Note
Until we start to get an explanation, I guess theorizing is the best we can do!
Yeah, it’s a bit of a funny tie-in in that sense!