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Smoke to Vapor
A Wings of Fire webcomic
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A comic based on the book series 'Wings of Fire' written by Tui T. sutherland. the book features dragons in different tribes.
This comic takes place straight after the events of the first 5 books.

"Set years after the war, an Icewing and a Rainwing realise how similar their fates are to a long forgotten folklore. Although not a prophecy, Destiny plays with the two dragonets, dragging them closer together... And closer to death. Except in this story... There are no villains."

Status: Started 2014 (Ongoing)

Updates: 3 times a month (on weekends)

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy
*this comic contains gore, violence and heavy themes. If you are not comfortable seeing any of this content I recommend you not read this comic or follow the guidelines and mature contents

You do not have to have read the Wings of Fire book series to follow the story of Smoke to Vapor!


just here cos DA sucks for comic reading :)

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