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Sal, a thief, concocts a get rich quick scheme to try and make Battam, a witch, fall in love with him. But upon learning more about his seemingly oblivious target, Sal starts experiencing feelings he’s never had before and must make a decision between money or love.

Gay, romance, pinning, complex relationship, BDSM themes, enemies to friends to lovers. UPDATES TWICE WEEKLY!
Explicit adult content, 18+ ONLY.


I'm DCS! I'm a full time comic artist who also enjoys making visual novels!

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sweet innocent bean
Well thank you for replying! I'm honored ^^
You should be, Count to Ten is really good! A perfect mix of hot, tender and funny... exactly like Solanaceae!
Also, I had a question. First time I listened to it, I thought Battam's name was Bottom, which would have been really ironic... But does it sound similar just because English isn't my first language, or was it intentional?
Edit: I just finished 'Solanaceae First Collection' and omg that was so good! Also...they switched 😍 I loved it!!! But then, I suppose it means my previous question is irrelevant...
Our guest comic today is by the wonderful cheeseytofu!
Read their comic here:
It's still in the early stages so now is a great time to jump in-- or just go give some comments of love to help boost them! Show how supportive we are as a community!

You can also follow cheesey on Twitter @ cheeseytofu for SFW art and @ sensuallytofu for 18+ work, though sadly there is no uncensored version of this comic to share. (Don't worry, I asked too, hah!)

Cheesey is super wonderful and SUPER nice and also voiced my character Alkaline for one of the Space School spin-off games, so I'd really love if y'all could give them some love. Thanks everyone!
Author Note
Thanks so much! I appreciate that and I appreciate your reply!
Also aw, yay! Happy to hear you decided to check out the comic after listening to Count to Ten-- still very proud of that!
Haha to tell you the truth, it's 'Count to Ten' that introduced me to you. So I already googled you, that's how I'm here. And yeah, I saw it, there are sooooo many stories! I just love it! I don't have enough time for them all... Thankfully, it's nearly Christmas break 😏
I like how you think! A bit of drama is always good if it's not endless, and I feel like many authors don't understand that... But I knew Solanaceae was quality when I started, I'm just relieved you confirmed it!

Indie folks seem like really good people πŸ˜‰
And don't worry, I'll go check all your other stories!