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Sack O' Puppies
Clip art insanity
Last update: 3rd Oct 2015, 4:00 AM
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Sack O' Puppies is an artfully crafted comic using only the "best" clip art. Though it may look hastily thown together, I can assure you it has been hastily thrown together with love. This may just be the greatest use of clip art ever witnessed by your eyeballs.

Updated Wednesdays and Saturdays.


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Hope you do an Easter comic series featuring roast, baked and fried rabbit served to a childrens group.
Yeah twisted I know.
a bit early but this is the last of the old ones.
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Oooo Noooooo another innocent girl is corrupted.
OMG!!! Wonder how many times that is the truth.
i really like this one.
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