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Soul Sisters
Of Sad and Unfortunate Things
Last update: 18th Jun 2016, 3:43 PM
Graphic Violence / Gore Strong Sexual Themes Frequent Strong Language
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"Magic takes upon many forms.

Where a man might remove a rabbit from a hat, a woman may paint tears, murder and her own unfortunate future.

While Flowers bloom from a magicians sleeve, a waitress is accosted by illusion and plots of murder.

Doctors, lawmen, caffeinated citizenry and man hunts beyond our understanding factor into the fate of two women. Unwritten history whirls to the surface. Mistakes made begin their friendship, adventure and nightmare."

Soul Sisters
A Dark Graphic Novel pertaining to the supernatural, the tragic and the human element.

Written by August Lareau and Illustrated by Izabela Bratkowski


Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Artist, Hobbyist Photographer, Gamer. Not necessarily in that order.

May be an undead, blood-sucking fiend. Time will tell.

Dabbling in this, that and the other thing.

I like hats and vests.

I'm all about stuff.

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Another much overdue update.

I am drawing tablet-less until the company ships me my monitor back. Wee 1 month from china
Author Note
oo er, creepy,

as to the art, looks plenty bight enough to me
I'm early! For real this time :D

Now there is a possibility that these images are really dark. I can't tell. They look super dark on my tablet, kind of dark on my phone and ok on my home and work monitors.

So feel free to let me know if they come out super dark to you. A little dark is ok :p
Author Note
Thankews :D

I hope it gets better as I go :p
Your art is absolutely stunning! I love the colors and the story is very intriguing. I am looking forward to reading more! : D