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A Hemi-Autobiographical Daily Clog.
Last update: 6th Apr 2016, 6:46 AM
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This is the daily story of me: a world-traveling, writing, drawing, music-making, Ashtangi Practical Nurse working with patients experiencing Mental Health challenges. I still haven't found any single occupation that can claim all my attention, thus the "Soul Fidget." In this Clog (Comic Log) you will find my real family and friends, but not real nurses, patients, or doctors. If you think you recognize yourself or any other person from my work-life, you are mistaken. All situations and individuals featured in my work are fabricated, amalgamated, bifurcated, and possibly constipated. This all started as a 2016 New Years Resolution Creative Challenge. Wish me luck and enjoy the series!


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“king of my world”
you make me look like me. if I was a captain of a boat, I'd want you recording the trip.