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Soul Food
The Food That Truly Feeds Your Soul
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Welcome to Soul Food, the best restaurant in the Afterlife!

Sometimes souls enter the Afterlife unable to remember their lifetime. We at Soul Food bring those memories back to you by making the meals of your past that truly feed your soul.


Telling stories is my thing, no matter how ridiculous they get.

I practice many art styles (which makes it hard for others and for me to flesh out MY style), and I hope to one day create something you don't usually see in other people's works.

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Woav, Zazz really seems good with knives...
Unfortunately, no XD Eventually they might, but at the moment, Zazz functions as the living blender.

You should see how Zazz makes coffee with a knife lol
Oh??? do they have nothing else to puree the tomatoes???
Huh. The more you know i guess
It IS a pretty crazy number of knives for a normal omelette XD But there is one other thing they have to make from scratch, which is ketchup (hence the need for knives).