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Soul Food
The Food That Truly Feeds Your Soul
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Welcome to Soul Food, the best restaurant in the Afterlife!

Sometimes souls enter the Afterlife unable to remember their lifetime. We at Soul Food bring those memories back to you by making the meals of your past that truly feed your soul.


Telling stories is my thing, no matter how ridiculous they get.

I practice many art styles (which makes it hard for others and for me to flesh out MY style), and I hope to one day create something you don't usually see in other people's works.

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Sorry to hear you're sick. =( Hope you feel better soon. =3 *gives virtual hug - especially since those aren't a way for germs to spread* X3

On the subject of the comic itself, I like how much YOUNGER all the watchers look. Kinda says something about how old they are... not to mention I like that they've "grown up," as well. =3
This is a wonderful page, almost exactly what I was thinking when I commented on her dream last page, Cici! Thank you!!!
🥺 this page is so nice..

such a surprise and surprisingly good idea
I think I recognize some of those other angels...