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Souls Foreclosed
An Illuminated Apocalypse
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Graphic Violence / Gore Frequent Frontal Nudity Sexual Situations Occasional Strong Language
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The end of times is at hand and Lucifer, God of Chances, has to collect all Souls still held captive on the world of Norra to let them pass on into the afterlife.

Witness the downfall of a corrupt society and the two very gay demons who are tasked with ushering it in, in all of its monochrome grandeur.

(Contains graphic depictions of and frank words about being transgender, and about transphobia)


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(180-1) "Hm..."

(180-2) "SISTER, grant THIS ONE but one request"

(180-3) "I thought all of the angels were gone... do I have a choice?"

(180-4) "When thou art brought BACK INTO THE LIVING WORLD - find THIS ONE's body... / AND KILL IT!

(180-5) [GOT] [YOU!]
Author Note
She would definitely not have made it thru chapter 1 if she wasnt!
(179-1) "Forgive an old Soul for rambling... THIS ONE was an ANGEL once - a proud herald of our FATHER..."

(179-2) " 'ONE WHO WATCHES THE STARS FROM ABOVE' - But oh woe - THIS ONE's body was felled by the TRAITOROUS mortals. OH HEINOUS ACT!"

(179-3) "Our bodies are made to RESEMBLE MORTALS - thus they too are vulnerable to FOUL MAGIC. BUT THINE... MOST CURIOUS..."

(179-4) "There are so many MARKS upon thy SOUL... ANGELIC... Mortal..."
Author Note
Iron will lass!
(178-1) HEAVE - HO!

(178-2) "YOUNG SISTER... thy body's strength is not in this world. Thou art but a mere Soul here. THOU CANNOT USE BRUT FORCE TO SAVE THEM. Interesting however... thy body does not seem to succumb to the SAINTSTHORN..."

(178-3) "You sure are a WORDY one..."
Author Note